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by Filth Sermon

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Marked 03:49
Marked with your stain. This cursed life that I live. Forever alone. Crucified. They'll publicly kill me. Scapegoat. My broken path. Led a life of shit. No reprieve for shit like me. I fell for your lies. Face my punishment. Sink on down to hell with me. Facing the fact that I'm insane. I saw the truth in their eyes and the fear they hide. You'll die alone they won't remember your name. They'll forget your pretty face. Live by your laws. Suppress your suffering. The end is just the beginning. Lost cause. Failure. The love I felt was a fallacy. No hope. Killed god. You'll never be what makes me bleed. I'm worthless. Follow me down, to my reckoning. Feast your eyes on the should have been. The gallows they call, like a symphony. Death has been waiting for me. Wasting and knowing I'm to blame I saw my death in his eyes and the guilt he hides. There's nothing left of me. I want to live long enough to watch him die. This city's gonna be the death of me. Father hear my sickened prayers. The darkness has taken me.
Clarence 05:41
Feeling cheated. Lost in your lies again. Defeated. Abandoned. You're not coming back. You couldn't love me. I don't blame you. I burned all our pictures tonight. I want you out of my head. I'm in love with a fucking ghost. You haunt my dreams. I'm better off now. No longer consumed by you. I am finally free. Saw you have a new man, I'm glad you're fucking happy. I'm still alone. My punishment. Crown of thorns. I watched our "love" and my bank account go. I'm such a joke. Looks like you went home with him... Crawl on broken knees back to my abuse. You faked your shame, see it in your eyes. There's nothing there.I'm glad that you're gone. Glad you moved out of here. See you in Hell. Those empty winters. The nights alone. I've made peace with death. I am finally letting go. Love wasn't enough. You needed someone to take care of you. Princess complex. Over dramatic little boy. Look at his shame. Social disaster. Laughing stock. Absolved of all your petty opinions, I never fit into your perfect world. Fake. Clarence should have died in the end. I wasn't perfect like you imagined I would be. Fall short of every high expectation. I'll never be good enough in your eyes. I am nothing. I'm a ghost.
Funeral 06:10
The funeral. Complacent is what I recall. The sullen look upon my mother's face. Why won't you wake up we're all alone in this world that you built for us. You're not coming back. And I live with his face. A constant reminder of all the things lost. Yeah we moved on. But, we're haunted by it. You can't take it back. Yeah the pieces pick up but they still are broken, just like us. Can never repair. The sky no longer comforts my troubled mind. I guess this is my Price to pay. And I'll die just like him. All alone without a wife or kids. Lost in thought, begging for the end. I've witnessed my own death. I am father's son slowly dying away, just like him. Inside of my head. That distant life. The one he once had was gone. There was only this. God, did you hear him beg? Faith was lost on that humid Texas night. Drank himself to peace. His love was all gone. No longer found a reason to be. He downed his pills and all of his agony. I understand why you had to leave. I am my old man. I'm gonna die just like him. All alone inside my head. I am his bastard son. I look just like him.
Nigh 04:40
Cowar. The end is finally here. Time to meet your impending demise. Fallout and misery. They killed your God on the TV. Humanity will end with a fucking bang. Pray to your absent God. There is no one there. Judgment day beckons nigh. This is what you deserve. Famine. Widespread of disease. Privatization of your water supply. Fema camps house for free. Euthanize. Oil. The cause of your greed. White men have ruined the Earth. Kiss your family goodbye. The floods draw near. The end is fucking nigh. Your end is fucking here. Beg for mercy. No one cares. You stood by passively and watched us burn. With my final breath I'll cast out a smile. It's the end of the world. The darkest of days. Repent. End of your lucid dream. Wake up. Welcome to the rest of your life. Prepare. Burn. The end is fucking here. Rejoice. This is your reckoning. Fear. I can see yours from here. Collapse. Here's the rapid decline. Go back to sleep.


Recorded & Mixed at The Nook Recording Studio:

Artwork by Bunny XLV!:


released March 11, 2017

Vocals- Rocky
Guitar - Zac
Drums- Tim
Guitar- Ryan
Bass - Jason


all rights reserved



Filth Sermon Chicago, Illinois

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